Existence sucks. It is the only cause of pain. By existing, you agree that you can feel pain and/or cause pain. I don’t get why more people don’t just choose to not be alive, y’know? Not suicide, just choose to cease existing. Enter the void. I mean, hell, I’d hate to exist forever. Afterlife? I eternally live with my regrets. Or I burn forever. None of those sound fun, so I’d rather just give up consciousness and slip away into annihilation. That’s all for this thought.


Euuuurgh. I hate it here. Yesterday I was forced to go to my great grandma’s shitty little ranch in southern Kansas. It’s hell there. She has wasps out the wazoo, there are actual swallows in her garage, she has ticks breeding in her house, and the ground is 99% manure. We did essentially nothing until about 12:30, which is when we went to town (It’s Sedan, by the way) to go to this little cafe called the Green Door. It was a charming place, it did indeed have a green door and the fries were some of the best I had ever had, however, the people were shit. Not the staff, they were amiable, but the people who we had invited over were disgusting. One was this old toothless bastard who hated POCs, one was this old uber-christian neocon Trump worshipper, and the other lady was actually quite nice. She OWNS the Little House on The Prairie. It’s great. She wants me to dress up as that one boy from the TV show and give tours sometime this June, around the 9th. I am sooooo excited. We had discussed mostly unimportant affairs until politics came along. Now, you know me. I’m pretty far on the libertarian left side (anarchist, in other words). It was not the best conversation I had ever had, be we respected each other’s opinions in general. After we left, Rita (my great grandma) told me about the town. Evidently the lady was one of the more restrained folks there. Some people were still of the opinion that slavery was still a good idea. I want to go there this summer to study these people. Anywho, that’s all for tonight. Sorry for not posting for a while, I’ve been tied up pretty badly as far as time and internet access are concerned, but you can (probably) expect regular updates from now on. In any case, ya’ll have a good day.


Oh my god. I’m in choir again, and I just looked at the orchestra pit here. PISS STAINS!?! Un-fucking-believable. If that was my kitchen I’d have a shitfit. There are also condoms down there, so that might explain some things, but holy hell, it’s soooooo unsanitary. This is a fucking school for god’s sake, it’s ridiculous! There are contaminants everywhere down there! Ugh. I hate the state of this place. I want a fucking restaurant of my own so I can make it the cleanest fucking place imaginable.


Okay, so, I found this college known as Full Sail University, and they offer a TON of good shit and have a 100% acceptance rate. It’s unbelievable. Also, I’ve been mouth breathing since Ancient History today (mean girls) and I don’t know why. It’s been annoying as shit to feel self conscious about the way you breathe. Ugh. The human body is trash. But, what can you do? Also, my foot just went super numb for absolutely no reason, so that’s weird. Not pins and needles, but it’s tickly if I don’t move it around a bunch. I’ll just clunk about with my boots until it stops, but in the meantime, I’m going to work on my college research project. Toodles.


Everyone is trying to fucking work and these assholes over here (remember the people from the post where I was talking about Rico? Yeah, same ones, same class) can’t seem to realize that we have shit to do. Typical. What even, he’s just flapping his arms around like some kind of walrus. Somebody put me out of my fucking misery. Also, the shit hasn’t hit the fan yet, which is nice, but I’m just apprehensive. I’m just waiting. Sitting here. Working? No, but I can see other people getting visibly annoyed by the Mean Girls rejects. Oh. His laugh sounds like the laugh of that one lady from Halloween Therapy, if you ever watch Brandon Rogers. I’ll link his Youtube channel here. Well, anywho, I hope ya’ll have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll catch ya’ll sometime else. Probably five minutes from now. Seeya.


Well, here I mother-goddamn-fucking am. I’m fucked, quite simply. So, and this is a loooooong story, I was in a group chat with about 6-7 other people, give or take. So this fucko (let’s call him fucko) decided that it would be a lovely idea to send Leviticus quotes into the group chat, specifically the gay ones. Well, I was not putting up with that, so I decided to spam gay porn (this was INCREDIBLY stupid, I know. But I’m an intense person and I have no common sense, so there). So, what he did is he took screen recordings of the conversation and then showed them to my english teacher (who we’ll call Electra). Electra took them to the SRO officer, so now I’m sitting here terrified of what’s going to happen to me. My parents are going to flay me alive (possibly literally), that I know, but as for what will happen legally, I don’t know. I don’t want to become a red dot. I would die. I’m freaking out. I’m scared. So, that’s the little note for right now. Also, I didn’t post yesterday cos’ I was sleeping in (until like 4:00 in the afternoon) and then we went on a fishing trip, so I just let it slip my mind. Sorry about that, by the way. Well, anywho, toodles.


I don’t know how to reach more audiences. I like blogging, and I like seeing everyone’s feedback, but I want more, y’know? It’s a mess entirely. So, I was wondering if ya’ll could give me some stuff to put down below, such as blogging networks and “ad sites”. I just want to get out there, it’s a drive, a motivation I previously didn’t have. Also, we’re going to see A Quiet Place in a bit. It’s gonna be lovely. Toodles.